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Private Label Candles

Creating brand relationships that tap into our strongest sense with distinctive aromatic blends. 


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Scent Specialists

We translate feelings into scent by aligning signature fragrance blends with the traits that your brand embodies.

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Why ROAM Homegrown

Our artisan chandlers use a proprietary method to expertly blend your signature scent evenly and boldly for a perfectly poured collection.


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We worked with the company to develop a custom scent, and it is wonderful! The candles were delivered in a timely manner and we could not be happier, we have them at all of our locations for sale and the response has been very good! 

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The Science Behind Signature Scents

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Scent has been shown to strongly influence our mood and memory; often tied to feelings of nostalgia, relaxation, warmth, luxury and joy.
As olfactory receptors translate complex aromas into nervous system responses, we can understand how various scent patterns or blends can illicit innate feelings.
By taking the time to understand your brand, we are able to expertly craft and blend aromas; creating sensory responses that communicate your brand’s identity.
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Our Clients


ROAM Homegrown create signature candle lines for boutiques, stores, brands and events of all sizes.


We offer low minimum order quantities across our curated fragrance range.


Larger brands leverage our artisans to craft unique signature fragrances.

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Fragrance Range

Our existing fragrance range offers low minimum order quantities and quick turn-around times across a selection of quality curated vessels.


Prices include custom design services, printing and labeling.


MOQ: 24

Lead time: 2 weeks

Price: $10-$18

Custom Blends

Allow our scent specialists to work with you to create a signature fragrance blend, translating your brand identity into a distinctive aroma.


Prices include custom design services, printing and labeling.


MOQ: 300

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Price: $10-$18

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Getting Started

Fill out the form below to request your scent sample kit.
Questions: Review our FAQs or fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.