merchandising tips for holiday candles

Our top 5 merchandising tips for holiday candles!

Create a holiday-themed display:

Use festive props like pinecones, ornaments, or snowflakes to create an attractive display. You can also use different levels to create visual interest.

holiday candle merchandising ideas

Group candles by scent:

Consider creating scent families like warm cardamom tobacco + pumpkin cinnamon or earthy rosemary sage + juniper cypress and grouping them together on a display.


merchandise holiday candles by seasonal scents

Use seasonal labels:

Create a private label collection that features your region and season such as "Seattle in the Fall" or "Christmas in the Cape". Our private label program offers seasonal label options that help drive sales.

create private label custom holiday candle collections

Offer gift sets:

Create holiday-themed gift sets that include a few candles or candle accessories. These make great gifts and would appeal to customers looking for easy present ideas. Consider adding our candle care kit to your display or our mini promotional candles.

merchandising holiday candles for gifting with accessories

Use signage: Signage can help shoppers understand the different scent families or highlight the holiday packaging. Ask about our complimentary point of purchase display with your next order!

Try different locations: Keeping candles near the register offers an opportunity for customers to sample the scents as they wait.

Creating an attractive candle display that evokes feelings of warmth and coziness can help set the mood for holiday shoppers and increase sales.

Visit our seasonal shop for our favorite seasonal scents and collections or create a custom collection with our private label program!

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