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Locally Grown Succulent Gift Boxes

Supporting Local Austin Businesses

As an Austin-based company, ROAM Homegrown supports local businesses as much as possible. We source our succulents from East Austin Succulents where a local team of young growers provide us with interesting and hearty succulents for our gift boxes.

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Holiday Succulent Gift Box, $68 

Succulent Packaging

We take these little beauties and individually plant them with a high quality cactus soil blend into white geometric ceramic pots. Drainage is so important for succulents, which is why our chosen pots have a drainage hole and decorative wooden tray.

Our succulents are then packed immediately prior to shipping in tissue paper and put into a succulent box to ensure they make their way to your doorstep in perfect condition!

Succulent Care Instructions

Every succulent gift box includes care instructions for water & lighting to ensure proper growth and location.

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Succulents should be watered every week or so depending on the dryness of the soil. If you stick your finger in the soil and feel moisture, don’t water! It’s important to allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. When watering, soak the soil until water runs out the drainage hole and stop. Soil that is not allowed to dry completely between waterings may leave your succulent prone to root rot.

It’s normal for the lower leaves to turn brown. Gently remove those leaves to allow for new growth.

Most succulents like bright light but do best in indirect sun. There are some general signs your plant is not getting optimal levels of sunlight.

If your plant is receiving too much light it may look off color, “bleached out”, or show tan markings on the petals. This indicates the need to move to a shadier area. If your plant is receiving too little light it may appear to really reach for a light source. It is important to gradually transition the plant to a better light source.

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