Giving and Receiving Benefits

Is It Better To Give Or Receive?

We've all been taught to think linearly, with a right way and a wrong way, but if we consider that life is essentially the flow of energy in a non-linear fashion, we can start to understand that there is not right or wrong, but a balance of energy input and output.

This idea, raised by Shakti Gawain in Living In the Lightis both profound and simple. In her book, she uses the example of giving and receiving.

Gawain proposes that while we thinking giving is superior to receiving as it's altruistic in nature, receiving should be celebrated equally. 

If we consider giving and receiving as an input and output of energy, we can understand the concept of giving and receiving equally as a free flow of energy. 

If we only give, we may be depleting ourselves, we may begin to harbor resentment toward others.

In this sense, giving and receiving are non-linear as neither holds more value than the other and by developing both, we can create stronger connections with each other and our world.

Consider how wonderful it feels to give; to bring joy to someone you care about. Then, think how wonderful it feels to receive, to feel loved and cared for. 

At ROAM we create and "make" only when our energy is full, so that we may package each box with positive vibes and send that joy out into the world. 


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