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Home Decor Trends for Summer 2022

Welcome to Austin, Texas yall! We’ve been breaking heat records all summer. So to beat the heat, I think you’ll find us inside enjoying the AC until…most likely November. Meanwhile, here are 3 summer '22 trends we’re seeing in home design now.


Last year, 2021 Covid restrictions had everyone spending much of their time outside. This year we are seeing popular brands incorporating stone components, previously popular in outdoor decor,  into home-decor. Stone provides a sense of serenity you find from nature. Check out this West Elm Monti Lava Stone Night Stand.

Green Tones

We may not see green in our grass anymore, but we just can’t get enough of natural tones like olive, sage, and eucalyptus in our homes. If you check out the home decor page from the Magnolia website, shades of green can be found on nearly every item. Bring color to life with Roam Homegrown’s non-toxic candles in the big natural scents of  Mint + Eucalyptus  or Rosemary + Sage

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Curves are a great way to make a room feel softer. They add movement and silhouette. Whether you incorporate curves with accessories or furniture, it creates a more relaxing space. Here's a Crate and Barrel curvy sofa to incorporate into your favorite lounging area.

Hugger Curved Boucle Sofa by Leanne Ford (Open Larger View)

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