christmas family gathering holiday candles fresh scent clean host cozy intimate garden twilight

11 Scents That Guarantee an Enchanting Holiday Gathering:

Be the ultimate holiday host by setting the right mood in every room this holiday season.

Different scents can set your mood, trigger memories, and nostalgia. Finding the perfect candle for each space in your home will create an inviting ambiance and make your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Here are our top picks for each room in your home this holiday season:

Fresh Bathrooms & Kitchen: Crisp and Clean

christmas family gathering holiday candles fresh scent clean host cozy intimate garden twilight

Mint + Eucalyptus

Rosemary + Sage

Bathrooms and kitchens should smell clean and fresh for your guests. Rosemary + Sage is a garden-fresh herby scent that will keep things sharp, bright, and crisp. Mint + Eucalyptus is a minty fresh combination of an invigorating rain shower.


Family Areas & Living Rooms: Warm and Inviting

christmas family gathering holiday candles fresh scent clean host cozy intimate garden twilight

Apple Maple + Bourbon

Pumpkin + Cinnamon

Both these candles have delicious and rich notes of butter, cinnamon, and vanilla. The toasty hint of spice in both these scents will hit you like a cozy warm blanket. Welcoming and inviting, Pumpkin + Cinnamon and Apple Maple + Bourbon will fill your large spaces with scent bound to make anyone in your crowd feel relaxed.


Personal Spaces & Bedrooms: Calming and Relaxing

Lavender + Driftwood

Santal + Coconut

Dry Gin + Cypress

Our top 3 bestsellers here are each clean, woodsy, alluring, and familiar with elevated takes on classic scents like lavender, coconut, and balsam. Not too feminine, not too masculine, these candles are both inclusive and calming, perfect for an intimate space. 


Family Breakfasts & Desserts: Rich and Familiar 

man and woman cooking

Fresh Coffee

Apple Maple + Bourbon

Peppermint Mocha

There's nothing like the warmth and familiarity of fresh brewed coffee. These holiday flavor forward scents have notes of distinctive sugar, cream, vanilla and cinnamon, perfect for make memories over sweet pastries and loved ones. Warning: light these delicious candles and they will ignite a hunger in your crowd!


Holiday Dinners: Nostalgic and Bright

Pine + Apple

Christmas Hearth

These classic scents are reminiscent of traditional holidays, each bright and inviting. Light the fire, trim the tree and cozy up with Christmas Hearth or Pine + Apple. Both have notes of pine, orange, cinnamon, clove and vetiver. These candles have the familiarity of a night full of freshly dressed forestry garland, dried fruits baskets, and cups of soothing chamomile tea.


Cocktail Hour: Refined + Enticing

woman holding martini glass

Dry Gin + Cypress

If you prefer elegant holiday vibes, Dry Gin + Cypress is reminiscent of cocktail parties full of botanical gin martinis and expensive cologne. This scent will make you want to put on your shiny shoes and best outfit.


Fireside patio or Balcony: Floral + Mature

photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights

Lavender + Driftwood

Black Violet + Saffron

Both these scents are calming, luxurious, and floral and are reminiscent of intimate walks in the garden. These candles match the twilight vibes as the night matures to a day you'll never forget.



The next time you light your candles, these scents will be a sweet reminder of the  cherished moments shared with your loved ones. These candles are also perfect for gifting this holiday season. When lit, your friends and family will be reminded of the inviting ambiance and sweet memories from your home on that special day.

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