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Self-Care Anywhere Kit

self care items
self care items

Bring self-care anywhere with our on-the-go self-care kit, perfect for lounging by the pool, packing in your carry-on or throwing in your beach bag. Our travel-sized summer favorites nourish and energize in calming lavender.


  • Aromatherapy mist, 2 oz
  • Nourishing body oil, 2 oz
  • Hand sanitizer, 2 oz
  • Moisturizing salve, 2 oz



Use our aromatherapy mist as a refreshing all over body spray made with purified water, witch hazel and essential oil.

Instantly create glowing summer skin with fast-absorbing nourishing body oil made with a blend of sunflower, camellia seed, jojoba and essential oil.

Must have hand sanitizer is perfectly packable.

Moisturizing salve does double duty as a hand cream and lip balm with shea, coconut oil, jojoba, beeswax and essential oil.

self care items
self care items

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